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This morning, I woke to a brilliant blue sky, the scent of flowers in the garden and just a general internal squeeling! As I sat eating my porridge, listening to a TED talk, and breathing in the day, I could…

Why a growth mindset matters💭

I read an interesting article over the weekend that looked at attitude, performance and the growth mindset. This topic really interests me in terms of how we use our minds as vehicles – do we go on continuous journeys or do we keep the car in the garage, fixed in position.

This vehicle metaphor is a useful way to explain a fixed and growth mindset.FullSizeRender


“Failure is an opportunity to grow”

The growth mindset works from the position of “I like to try new things”.  It’s natural behaviour is to keep thinking, keep moving, recognising that the journey is what brings success or failure and that both have a positive influence.  The growth mindset says, I’m getting in that car again, even if I took the wrong turning on my journey.  The process of making that ‘wrong’ turn is absolutely terrific information, and the big guns get to arrive to assist – your inner problem solver! In this space, you develop, embrace adversity and view challenges as a concept to learn – recognising that getting better takes time with the belief being that you WILL improve.

“Plan A didn’t work, that wasn’t my fault.  I give up”

This quote is a trait of the fixed mindset – the blame mechanic.  “I can’t start the journey as the car won’t start, that’s not my fault, this always happens to me!”  “Plan A didn’t work!” Well, how about plan B? As a coach, it makes me want to take the handbreak off and say “on your way sweeti, time for first gear!” 😂 I of course wouldn’t do that, it isn’t my role to influence their decision or to drive their vehicle for that matter.  I am deeply invested in supporting the opportunity to explore what holds us back when the fixed mindset mechanics are in town. “I can’t do that love, not in my remit” or “I just can’t do that”. I hear my inner problem solver and challenger bubbling up!  When working with clients, I try to focus on challenging mindset views so there is a shift, which creates a boyancy and opportunity to challenge attitudes.  Instead of thinking ‘I’m not any good at this’, how about thinking ‘what am I missing?’  Instead of ‘this is too hard’ what about ‘this may take some time.’


Basically folks, a growth mindset drives motivation, passion, action and achievement – it’s the search engine to your success! By embracing learning and recognising that effort and action creates experiences, you will create a stronger, more resilience you that will seek opportunities to improve and change.

“I create.  I take risks.  I work hard.  I go the extra mile.  I live with passion”

If you limit yourself in terms of what you can or can’t do, it will spread into the rest of your life.  It will seep into how you make decisions, how you show up to work, it will affect your inner genius – so shake it up! Go the extra mile, don’t take things personally when you receive feedback, embrace adversity and let passion be the driving force.

This article reminded me how fortunate I am to work with passion, to embrace newness, to always want to embed learning and grow.  Lord Byron said ‘You have to have a passion for your work.  How can we expect people to be passionate if you, as their coach, does not have a passion?  Coaching has to be something that gives you passion and energy.” Oh my, it sure does! It may be a soggy Monday but my mind is engaged and in learner mode…. is yours? 💭

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