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As an Executive Coach

my coaching practice has been influenced by many great teachers in personal growth, transpersonal, positive psychology,  individual and person centred/Gestalt Psychology and the creative arts as therapy.  I work with the intention on pulling on these threads to suit the needs of the indivual. This, creates long lasting, deep shifts.


About Me.

There are four main strands of experience and ability which I bring to my coaching & consulting practice. They are integral in my understanding of self and of bringing awareness in terms of emotional intelligence, personal insight and my own vision and identity as a coach.

My skill? To offer a coaching space that builds deep awareness, drives accountability and introduce a new pair of learning lenses to how you behave (your own internal architecture). Self perception, self-expression, interpersonal relationships, decision making, aversion to change and stress management. Challenge is key to understanding fear and managing how it effects our day to day….. and I adore positive and supportive stretch and challenge…. bring it on!

The combination of my coaching, business experience and creativity focus means you are in good hands! As a coach I understand that creativity and innovation are the central heartbeat to any successful start up or well established organisation. Looking at your business with learning lenses on and a new way of thinking can inspire not only you, but everyone around you. The coaching journey is thought provoking, creates a clear thinking mindset, improves resolve, resilience & confidence and helps you make informed decisions to get you to the top of your game.

Qualified EMCC Master Coach Practitioner.

EMCC_BigI am a qualified EMCC Executive Coach Practitioner and am trained in a number of different concepts and tools which generate the personal insights of others.

I am part of the EMCC (European Mentoring & Coaching Council), which exists to promote the highest industry standards to ensure good practice in coaching and mentoring across Europe. I completed my training with The Performance Coach, which is one of the best Coach Practitioner courses in the UK. I have had the pleasure of working with practitioners, trainers and mentors who are leaders in their field such as Diana Whitmore, Andrew McDowell, Damion Wonfor, Jackee Holder, Sally Bogle and Judith Firman. As part of my own development, I continue to develop, learn and facilitate my own growth through learning which creates further depth to my work as an Executive Coach.

Business & People Development.

With over 20 years experience of developing and coaching teams my focus is on individuals, teams and organisations who want to change behaviours, enhance culture, ownership and accountability, and to build on their teams to encourage a growth mindset, improve creativity and innovation, embrace change and drive overall performance.

I have worked within many businesses where I have supported teams to embrace challenge and change, coaching individuals to perform effectively and efficiently, giving the organisation a competitive edge.

Counselling Background.

I am qualified to ABC level 3 in Counselling (Person Centred) Skills, and have completed other courses in Adlerian Theory, Transactional Analysis, Creative Therapy and Courage Works with Brené Brown. This training means I am able to support you with the challenges that negative thoughts and feelings create, and work with limiting beliefs to understand your true self better.

I continue to build on my learning around emotion, Emotional Intelligence, Person Centred, Transpersonal Therapy and Individual Psychology.  I find myself continually absorbing insightful literature on vulnerability, fear, the core self, intuition, self-esteem and the use of metaphors.

Creative Background.

I graduated with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art  in 1997 from Winchester School of Art.  This honed my appreciation for beauty, for newness, for opportunity, for detail and for the innate potential of creativity. It gave me the ability to recognise my own frustrations, and successes around my work, allowing the time to analyse what was right and what my next steps were.  I continue to create work which is based around art psychotherapy in regards to recalling powerful memories that shape our identity, emotional trauma and how to communicate it in the rawest sense, and how that translates for the viewer as an emotion.  My work is mainly conceptual, which I feel invites the viewer to pull their own perceptions from a piece of work.  I liken this to the behaviours exhibited within the coaching environment, where the concept is based on the coachee/viewer having the innate potential to discover their own beliefs and values.

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