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The aim of coaching for teams is to harness and recognise the skills of the individual and the team. Building a team that has trust, that know they are supported to share their ideas, have individual and shared accountability and are focused on achieving collective results, creates not only cultural cohesive success, but of course delivers results.

I offer coaching and wellbeing programmes that will develop and drive personal, group and organisational transformation. My role is to offer ways of enriching your wellness culture at work, drive self and team connection and improve behaviours to create the conditions for conversational insight though exploration, insight, challenge and positive change.

Team Behavioural Development & Cohesion

To achieve significant and lasting behavioural change increases the performance, development and effectiveness of you team.  Through the exploration of triggers, reactions and responses using various psychological modalities we create a thinking space that will anchor awareness, choice and accountability. Some of the areas covered:

Each coaching programme is tailored to the needs of the organisation, usually focusing on one or all of these areas:

  • Develop resilience, assertiveness and courage.
  • Identify and improve your work behaviours to create a stronger more cohesive way of communicating.
  • Develop a deeper level of self awareness, building awareness around your impact within your team and corporation.
  • Tune into behaviours that support the growth of the team, and challenge behaviours that create triggers and a breakdown in cohesion.
  • Build on emotional intelligence leadership markers such as motivation, empathy, self regulation, self awareness and social skills.


We start the process with a discovery session, exploring goals, perceived challenges and expectations for you and your team. The focus is around understanding how you function, learnt behaviours, triggers, to exploring your ways of processing.  Through  transpersonal psychology, behavioural architecture you will develop your emotional intelligence and improve communication skills whilst developing a deeper level of self awareness and authenticity as a leader. This leads to greater internal and external cohesion, which has huge benefits in how not only you, but how your team works together.

So, let’s begin the process. Contact

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