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Welcome to The Mindset Architect

Coaching that creates significant and lasting behavioural change.
Welcome, to the thinking space that will increase the effectiveness, performance and development of individuals, teams and your organisation.

Leadership behaviours

Want to create cultural change within your organisation?
It begins, with your leaders.
By enhancing awareness of leadership behavioural capabilities, it will develop trust, promote cohesion and create a emotionally centred work environment. Be the catalyst for positive transformation within your teams to ignite the innovation key that strengthens purpose and vision for improved performance and ultimately, organisational success.
Let’s discuss.

Change management

Understanding how you approach change, matters.
If it is externally placed, it can ignite negative triggers that have consequences on you and those around you.
Through coaching, we explore each stage, understand the “rooms” within each part of the process and give you the tools that build an unshakable resilience.
By developing a change culture that is transparent and supportive, you incorporate better “buy in” from your teams, driving a cohesive and positively guided movement – forward, together.

Engagement & Wellbeing

Encouraging wellbeing conversations within a coaching context truly is your key to organisational success.
Offering a space to your employees will not only have a positive impact on the individual, but also lead to a significant increase in your teams engagement, cohesiveness and overall productivity.
Show you value your people, that they are at the heart of your business and watch your results. rocket.
Build in a wellbeing coaching programme and reap the benefits of having a healthy and happy team that inspire one another in an engaged and positive workplace.

Building awareness

Self awareness and accountability go hand in hand. Having a developmental coaching space to create insight and positive stretch will ignite your best functioning self.
Build emotional intelligence, empathy and listening skills. Improve critical thinking processes and decision making. Strengthen communications and relationships and enhance leadership capabilities.
Knowing why you respond to triggers and understanding your internal architecture will break negative learnt behaviours. This, will welcome a cohesive self internally which will have a huge impact on your results.

Perspective vision

Giving you the opportunity to see thing with a new pair of metaphorical learning lenses.
By using a plethora of psychological coaching tools, we will challenge your assumptions, derail the learnt behaviours that no longer serve you and create a significant shift in how you see and react to your personal triggers and wider environment.
A thinking vessel, that truly creates transformational shifts. Change the way you see things and the things you see, will change.

Self mastery

Having a developed sense of who you are, what you can do, your individual and collective direction and your contribution opportunities all drive progress. Coupled with the ability to manage your communication, emotions and behaviours, it’s an invaluable skill to strengthen.
Through the exploration of your personal internal architecture, coaching offers you a space to fully understand how you function under pressure looking your critic, judge, saboteur pleaser, imposter, antagonist, and many more. When you become the conductor of the own orchestra, you learn to self regulate, evolve and elevate yourself, which has a huge impact on everything around you.

Betty has shown me how important it is to give yourself time to focus on yourself and your challenges. After the first session I was completely. She made me feel comfortable and relaxed in a safe environment where I was truly able to speak my mind. I would not hesitate in recommending Betty, she is lovely, and is amazing at what she does.

Kelly West, Director, ONLE

I have developed more than I could have imagined. I have worked through some things that have been with me for a long time and through her questioning and non judgemental, gentle approach I have managed to move mountains!

Lisa Johnson, Pearl Lifestyles

Betty opens the most wonderful space for you to step into as explore. She gently guides you though understanding and questioning yourself in a new way. It’s challenging in a very good way. I love the coaching sessions with Betty and I see the importance of working on your own mindset to achieve the best version of yourself.

Cat Archer Underwood, The Brandologist

Betty has a totally unique approach to coaching and uses holistic, person centred, creative and inspiring techniques tailored to each individual client. As a fellow professional, I can wholeheartedly recommend Betty - you will not be disappointed!

Joanna Crook, Therapist.

Betty helped me unravel and alter some of my unhelpful entrenched thought processes. She manages the delicate juggling act of nurturing and challenging you simultaneously. The approach has helped me become a better business owner and a better person - a priceless development.

James West, Director, ONLE

Betty is vivacious, wise and helpful. An inspirational coach who is able to move people forward.

Tracey Maskell, Therapist.

I cannot recommend Betty and her fantastic coaching skills enough. These sessions increased my confidence and addressed my inner pleaser so I no longer say yes without thought. I used to say yes to everything and everyone, which was over stretching and I experienced burnout. Betty has enabled me to realign my finances, my choices, and my world feels more in control, my control. She has helped me believe in myself, I've found my courage and I feel stronger, like I can take on the world. She is a 10/10. I have to say my life has been completely transformed.

Elizabeth Barnes, Hampshire.

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