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Creating Meaningful Coaching Conversations

Creating meaningful coaching conversations

I’ve been thinking about meaningful conversations within a coaching context. What is looks like, feels like and sounds like. You know those conversations… that lightbulb moment where the fog lifts and you see your landscape with a sense of sharpeness and detail that can be truly exhilarating. Having a breakthrough moment is powerful and can swing open the gate that seemed firmly shut before. There are different kinds of breakthrough moments that are all super delightful, but the one that I aspire to work towards is a transformational breakthrough.

So, what do I mean by a transformational breakthrough within a coaching conversation? What does it evoke, what does it challenge and change and how does it expand your capacity to achieve what matters most to you? Where does it all start?

“Commitment, raising awareness, building trust, embracing vulnerability, being curious, challenging underlying patterns and discovering the root cause. That’s what it’s all about”
Ooohhhh questions hey! 💭 Lets start with the importance of commitment. For me as a coach, it’s about empowering you to strengthen your commitments to your vision by exploring and challenging what is said and not said; recognise your interpretations and limiting beliefs that keep your gateway firmly shut. Through commitment comes actions and results but it’s that visualisation, and knowing when to sit and explore and unpick the threads that hold you back, that no longer serve you. Under this word, also comes the threaded links of other words that have purpose and meaning – grit, emotional ability, awareness, focus, attention, clarity, direction, resilience and being driven. You need to be in it to win it!

Creating change, and in terms of making a transformational change – the idea is that we work deeper together. Coaching, works from the centre position of helping people better themselves, their lives and bring necessary change. With transformational coaching, you work on the way you see yourself, underlying assumptions, beliefs, values, expectations, personal attitudes and your internal dialogue. This creates powerful changes because it starts to affect the things around you, choices you make, how you view yourself and the world around you. It’s a super powerful thing, because fundamentally the process is hong how YOU feel about YOU. Wow. ❤️

“Knowledge is only a rumour until it lives on the muscle”
What a quote. My oh my, isn’t that the truth – and it completely applies to the coaching conversation. This quote if from the Asaro tribe of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. What are your thoughts on this quote in terms of taking action or standing still? Can you recall moments where you have learnt something truly valuable and thought, “wow, that is amazing, I am sooooo going to do this” … and then, the thought has been tricked into a back seat as there is someone more pressing, more urgent, but you KNOW you will go back to it. Then, something else comes up, and you focus your attention on that other thing, and as that powerful thought that techies you fade, you step away from the term ACTION. There is something I want to say, with pureness of heart, and that is, that you, are the action trigger to change. I am your advocate, your supporter, you guide to recognising what you hold within. I want to repeat that quote…. “Knowledge is only a rumour until it lives in the muscle”. POW. You are the linchpin to your direction. You have the potential to achieve what truly matters to you, to touch base with your authentic self and find your place within your environment. Our coaching conversation is a powerful space to gain clarity, understanding of self, embrace fresh perspectives, value yourself more and flourish. If coaching interests you, and you want to have a conversation, please do get in touch. It’s such a special space, and I believe everyone should experience it. We have doctors, dentists, the gym – what about supporting our focus, our identity, building resilience, facing fears? Who do you go to for that? You go to a Coach. 💭 I believe, that building in time to have a regular coaching conversation can create both delicate & monumental changes, helping you hone your craft of who you are at work, how you value yourself and in turn this has a dramatic effect on so ,any other areas; work life balance, income, happiness, joy, meaning, love. Oh my the list goes on!

If my blog has got you thinking about the possibilities of you having your own coach, I am absolutely so super happy. If you are ready to explore what matters, develop a better sense of self and the strengths you have, and experience positive change, do something about it! If you feel you’d like to discuss this idea of having a Coach, get in touch. There is no pressure, at all – it begins and ends with finding what is right for you. Iif you’d like to get in touch, please do, I’d love to hear from you! It’s about seeing if we are a good fit together, if we can connect, and you can open up within a space that allows you to truly explore, evaluate and discover. Who doesn’t want to do that hey! Have a lovely weekend, and may it bring you joy.

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